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Wilson Controls Inc provides data collection systems that leverage standard industrial technologies, such as I/Gear and Microsoft SQL Server,  to provide real-time production information to everyone in an organization, from the shop-floor to the plant manager.  These systems can also be expanded to go beyond data collection to provide scheduling, error-proofing, on-demand label printing, and product specifications on the plant floor.  Here are a few examples:

  • Production Monitoring:  The current status of a machine can be logged directly from a PLC, and machines without a PLC can be connected using a low-cost Ethernet-connected I/O device.
  • Machine Error-proofing:  A machine can be locked-out from functioning until the operator performs a set of operations successfully.  The set of operations can include: good cycle from a torque gun, scanning the correct product barcode, successful leak test.
  • Operator Instructions:  Operator instructions can be supplied and displayed on a monitor, based on the current product.
  • Scheduling System:  The production schedule can be controlled from a central location, and control/coordinate both the supply material flowing to the production line and the order of production at the line.  The production schedule can originate from another system (Excel, Oracle, SAP, etc), be imported into the Schedule System, and then be re-arranged within the Scheduling System.
  • On-Demand Label Printing:  Labels are printed based on either a machine event (cycle complete) or Operator action (website selection, push-button).  The labels can be printed either directly to a printer, or through a label management product such as BarTender or Loftware.
  • Traceability: Lot codes from supplied inventory can be logged and tied back to a specific part or production date.
  • Automatic Report Generation and Distributing:  An automatic shift report can be generated and emailed to a specified distribution list.