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Wilson Controls Inc, based in Louisville, KY, offers Cognex Machine Vision Systems and I/Gear based Data Collection Systems.

Machine Vision Retrofits

Do you have an existing machine that would benefit from having a Cognex machine vision camera installed?  Let Wilson Controls review your needs and custom-design an integration solution for you!

Integrator Support

Are you a systems integrator who needs to include machine vision on the production line or assembly machine that you are designing?  Let Wilson Controls use our extensive machine vision experience to make your project a success!

Turn-Key Machine Vision Inspection Stations

Are you a manufacturer that needs a stand-alone vision inspection station as part of your process flow?  Let Wilson Controls design a complete solution that will fit inline with your existing equipment!

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Do you need to capture information from your manufacturing processes?  OEE Data Collection and Plant-wide Reporting Systems provide a way to put your plant's real-time productivity numbers in front of everyone, from operators to supervisors to the plant manager.

Wilson Controls provides data collection systems that leverage standard industrial technologies to provide real-time production information to everyone in an organization, from the shop-floor to the plant manager.  These systems can also be expanded to go beyond data collection to provide scheduling, error-proofing, on-demand label printing, and product specifications on the plant floor.